A little Introduction to Cambridge Wedding Photographer, Ben Minnaar


Hi, my name is Ben

I’m a super gentle and easy going guy who’s known to be smiling more times than not. I’m 36, 6 foot 6, half Dutch, half Swiss, a bit of a dreamer and a tad obsessed with skiing, and cats.
Watching the world go by in it’s insane, fluid like chaos is one thing I love.. Photography is another. Combining these guys allows me to pause any moment and look back anytime. It is my way of time travel and the best thing is, I can do it every day. Creating and documenting my very own story through waiting, watching and capturing in ways, limited only by boundaries of the soul.
Since I lost my father in my early twenties I have been documenting people I love through what I love; photography. With an immense value on my wife Sam, family and friends, I decided to document life not just for my self, but for others through photos which capture hidden glimpses of your closest. However hardened a person is, I find a wedding will crack them – exposing the true them. This is what I love to capture. It really is an unbelievable honour to witness such emotion.
Documenting a wedding day isn’t just essential, but it’s an opportunity to see a different side to yourself and your closest. I will allow your day to unfold completely naturally whilst I photograph from morning till night because after all, your wedding day is a story to be read. Not written.