Devon Wedding PhotographyAlice + NeilANRAN @ TIDWELL FARM

Alice and Neil live in London but they decided to get married in Devon at a venue called Anran, that I can only describe as extraordinary. It’s primarily a courtyard with a manor house at one end and a grand glasshouse on the other with accommodation in between.

From start to finish these two couldn’t be more wonderful. I literally don’t think they (or anyone) stopped smiling for the entire day and what a day it was. I hit the 12,000 photo mark with this one as there was just so much to capture; let alone everyone there.

A moment a minute and a smile a second. This was an absolutely stunning wedding, at a venue which was second to none. Coupled with two of the nicest people and friends and family who were just elated the whole time made it the incredible day it was.

Guys, you rock! 😀