Bedinghams FarmGemma + TobiasCambridge wedding photography

At the point of receiving an e-mail from Gemma I knew these guys were going to be great fun. When I met with both Gemma and Tobias in person they bounced off each other beautifully and with the perfect blend of ideas, creativity and positivity. Most definitely my sort of couple! They knew what they wanted and were more than happy to let me do my thing..

When it came to the wedding day which they had at Bedinghams Farm it was beautifully made up and they had decided to have the ceremony outside, under a naked tipi decorated wonderfully by the very talented florist Claire Robinson. As the ceremony begun, the skies looked as though they were going to crack like a thin sheet of ice being weighed on by a mass much heavier than its own. Incredibly luckily though, the sky managed to keep it together during the ceremony with only a little splatter and it led to some wonderful high contrast photos as the sun shined upon these two with deep grey skies as they shared their first kiss as Mr and Mrs.

The speeches were heartfelt, tearful and full of laughs. You know that person you can recognise by the sound of his or her laugh despite how noisy the environment? Tobias totally has this nailed and it just adds to his fab, upbeat personality.

The rest of the day was spent inside the barn, away from the wet and only heard by the tapping of droplets on the corrugated roof. The sun did appear a few times during the day which we utilised for a few relaxed portraits which ended up being some of the best of the whole year thanks to the mix of sun, rain and this totally awesome pair.

This was a seriously awesome wedding, there’s even a glimpse of the film kindergarten cop, if you’re a fan.. Hope you enjoy!