ChelseaKimberley + DeanThe Kings Road, London

Kimberley and Dean are definitely one cool couple.. Absolutely full of love and brimming with style, I was very excited to shoot this wedding. The day started on a sunny Friday morning in September, at the Ampersand Hotel in South Kensington, London. I love the buzz in the bridal room before a ceromony, and this was a classic as Kimberley, undertook the process from post hangover to beautiful bride. As I arrived, the fabulous Ashley Kay Gifford of PrimpPowderPout was already busy doing what she does so amazingly well.

My brides always love getting creative and this time round Kimberley wore the most incredible flower crown handmade by The Flower Boutique in Cambridge. Kimberley’s amazing dress was designed by Elizabeth Stuart while Dean’s dapper look came courtesy of Jigsaw Menswear. The wedding took place at Chelsea Registry Office on The King’s Road with an evening reception at The Jam Tree.

Anyone who knows Kimberley and Dean knows what a perfect couple they are, and to photograph their day along with their beautiful daughter Hartley Love was an absolute pleasure.

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