Mount Ephraim GardensLuxy + JarrahKent wedding photography

When I first met Luxy and Jarrah in Cambridge their warmth just exuded from their smiles and the following two hours got completely lost with stories, cracking up and just having fun. A couple of hours later I got the delightful e-mail telling me they would like to book.. 😀

They decided to get married at the beautiful Mount Ephraim Gardens in Kent and when I went to have a look at the venue with them a few weeks before I was greeted with a big bear hug and I could just tell how excited they were.

Both Luxy and Jarrah got ready at the venue. The country House was absolutely stunning throughout; as were the gardens which were also some of the largest grounds i’ve ever photographed a wedding at.

Jarrah was waiting at the end of the alter in one of the gardens which was decorated immaculately. I can still feel the excitement on his face as Luxy walked down the stairs behind him.

The afternoon had an incredibly chilled vibe whilst some of the guests soaked up the sun.

In proper Aussie style Luxy and Jarrah opted for an outside BBQ which tables got called for one at a time. What. A. Feast!

The speeches were incredibly heartfelt, funny and it was an honour to hear them..

When the party started… Well, I’ll let you see for yourselves.