Central Park, New York, USAShain + MichelleDestination Wedding Photography

I was having my morning coffee when Shain first gave me a call. ‘Alright Ben, I’m getting married in New York. You up for this?’ said he.. Surreal, excited and feeling a little bit sick I responded: ‘Am I!?!? Let’s do this!’ Grinning like a nutter..

Shain and Michelle wanted an intimate wedding in Central Park, of which 24 of their closest friends and family flew out there to celebrate with them. Together for 14 years, they wanted to do it their way, I think you’ll agree, they totally rocked it. The location was the beautiful Conservatory Gardens in Central Park. Shain and Michelle were perfect sports as they wanted to make the most of being in the big apple and were totally up for walking about the city for some portraits. Everyone we passed was super friendly but it wouldn’t have mattered as they were in a world of their own; totally relaxed & in love. Perfect.

Sam and I arrived a few days before and checked out all the locations for the day, the only problem, it was 38 degrees, 90 percent humidity and thunder storms forecast for all day for the wedding! Although rain can be amazing, most of the day was planned completely outside, with no shelter, so we went to bed that night and said a little prayer…Thankfully it was answered and although I was sweating more than I ever have, the rain literally held off to the minute we needed it to. After the ceremony, afternoon picnic, rounders and portraits in the city, we parted ways for an hour to freshen up before the evening reception.. As Sam and I were less than 100 metres from our hotel, the heavens opened and rainforest-like rain fell. Looking to the side, hundreds of people who were doing yoga in time square were dancing in the rain and totally embracing it. Not something you see too often in the UK. After a quick change, we headed to Harlem to the awesome (!) Dino BBQ. The setting was on the river, the skies had cleared and the most amazing architecture of the railway loomed above us. It was the perfect evening to an amazing day, super relaxed, unique and simply incredible. I do love NYC.


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