Christ's CollegeVictoria + BernardoCambridge

When I first met with Bernardo and Victoria I could feel how excited they were from the outset. They told me that family was key and they would love natural photos of everyone along with some portraits of them both whilst strolling through the busy streets of Cambridge. I have to say, from when I saw Victoria and Bernardo getting ready in the morning I knew the day was going to flow just wonderfully. Bernardo is Spanish and so were the many guests there, which made capturing emotions of incredibly charismatic guests a joy. These two were absolutely smitten to be married and the whole day flowed like a dream. I’ve never photographed my home town in such a photojournalistic way before but completely loved it! It’s crazy how differently you see things when you put a camera to things you see every day.

Victoria, Bernardo, it was so lovely capturing your gentle, loveable selves and I wish you all the very best with your lives together. I have no doubt at all it will be filled to the brim with care, sensitivity, fun and love.. 🙂 x